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Ep. 23 – Instantly Vilified / Fallout: The Board Game

FEATURE  (Fallout: The Board Game)
In this episode, we explore the wasteland of Fallout : The Board Game. It’s another expansive Fantasy Flight Game, so we’ll discuss it’s depth, how it plays and makes lots of comparisons to the video game series and DOOM from Fantasy Flight.
Fallout Learn To Play Guide (Fantasy Flight Games)
Fallout Rules Reference (Fantast Flight Games)
We’re (finally!) playing Imhotep, like we promised a year ago… for real this time.

Ep. 22 – The Official Fantasy Flight Tacklebox / Star Wars Destiny Legacies

FEATURE  (Star Wars Destiny – Legacies & Rivals)
This month we talk about the latest expansion for Star Wars : Destiny – Legacies. There are several new game features to discuss and compare to previous editions. We also look at Destiny Rivals, which is a draft deck starter. We also ask the question – how do you store all these cards and dice?
We’re going to journey into a post apocalyptic wasteland in Fallout : The Board game!