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Ep 30 : The Halloween Spooky Spectacular / Betrayal at House on the Hill

No tricks, only treats! For our Halloween Spooky Spectacular we are finally playing Betrayal at House on the Hill. Does this game provide a thrill or are we going to ghost it? Listen and find out!
Fallout – New California Expansion

Ep. 29 – Stuffed Crust Podcast / New York Slice

This month we dive in to the mouth watering New York Slice from Bezier Games. We’ll break down the good, the bad and let you know if this game is stale or supreme.
Betrayal at House On The Hill

Ep. 28 – The Intervention Banner is Already Printed / GenCon 2018

This episode is all about the sights, sounds and games of GenCon 2018. We’ll talk about the games we played, the food and beer we drank and everything we experienced.
New York Slice

Ep. 27 – The Jankiest Trees in the Forest / Photosynthesis

In this show we finally play Photosynthesis by BlueOrange Games, one of our most anticipated games from last year’s Gencon. A simple game with some surprising depth, we’ll let you know if it lives up to the hype.
We’ll be talking all about our GenCon 2018 impressions

Ep. 26 – The Struggle is Real / The Struggle for Catan and Fluxx

FEATURE  (Card Game Special)
In this episode we play two popular card games – The Struggle for Catan and Fluxx. Can these card games be integrated into a regular game night and how do they compare to the traditional table top games we play?

Ep. 25 – Thanks Obama… / Codenames & Obama Llama

FEATURE  (Party Game Special)
We begin season 3 of the Tabletop Life Podcast with a party game special – we got a group together and played two popular party games – Codenames and Obama Llama.
We’re going from parties to cards – another 2 game special episode of card games featuring Catan : The Card Game and FLUX

Ep. 24 – Sprechen Ze Deutsch! / Imhotep

FEATURE  (Imhotep)
After a few false starts, we finally play and discuss Imhotep by Kosmos Games. After / during that discussion, we spiral out of control talking about gateway games and the perfect length of a tabletop game.
We start season 3 of TTL with our Party Game Spectacular (Codenames and Obama Llama)

Ep. 23 – Instantly Vilified / Fallout: The Board Game

FEATURE  (Fallout: The Board Game)
In this episode, we explore the wasteland of Fallout : The Board Game. It’s another expansive Fantasy Flight Game, so we’ll discuss it’s depth, how it plays and makes lots of comparisons to the video game series and DOOM from Fantasy Flight.
Fallout Learn To Play Guide (Fantasy Flight Games)
Fallout Rules Reference (Fantast Flight Games)
We’re (finally!) playing Imhotep, like we promised a year ago… for real this time.

Ep. 22 – The Official Fantasy Flight Tacklebox / Star Wars Destiny Legacies

FEATURE  (Star Wars Destiny – Legacies & Rivals)
This month we talk about the latest expansion for Star Wars : Destiny – Legacies. There are several new game features to discuss and compare to previous editions. We also look at Destiny Rivals, which is a draft deck starter. We also ask the question – how do you store all these cards and dice?
We’re going to journey into a post apocalyptic wasteland in Fallout : The Board game!

Ep. 21 – Peanut Butter and Chocolate / Pandemic Legacy

FEATURE  Part 2 of 2 (Pandemic Legacy)
We start off 2018 with the pseudo sequel to Z-Man Games award winning co-op survival  game Pandemic. Pandemic Legacy is a new type of tabletop  game – but how does it compare to the original? Let’s find out!
We return to a galaxy far, far away to check in with Fantasy Flight Game’s newest expansion for Star Wars : Destiny – Legacies.
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